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2011-01-15 00:02:40 by GamingStuff

WooHoo Its on fluid animations at the moment its awsome! cheak it out!

2011, New Name and making free theme for Youtube pages

2011-01-01 20:32:23 by GamingStuff

Hey guys happy new year! :D
I hope you enjoy your new year ;)

Also i have a name change, i am now known as Gamer fingers

If you need free custom themes go to my youtube page:
and PM me or Comment me on my page what you want your theme to say, and/or what your theme is based on and i will do the rest :D

Merry Christmas

2010-12-24 00:55:52 by GamingStuff

Purpose i can say this now since i wont be on tommo!

Rangers Assassin

2010-11-20 02:49:32 by GamingStuff

Making a archer game where your the gatekeeper on the road to the castle grounds and you must shoot the enemy's that come past with your bow n' arrow! Your hiding place in a tree. You get to upgrade 1 thing at the start, add more cover to where your shooting or unlock a new area to shoot in. The only way to gain upgrades to your shooting place is to shoot in that place, to unlock a new area in your treehouse you can shoot at any area to unlock upgrades (upgrade your area or unlock a new area.

You can also upgrade your bow and your arrows.


2010-11-11 01:01:29 by GamingStuff

Ok i'm not doing the new movie anymore i feel like doing stick deaths! So i wanna do a thing where other people post there deaths to me and i put them into 1 animation (A Collab) and make sure when doing the animation you put your logo or name in the top right corner ;) other wise nobody knows who made it. If you want to join send me a PM with your death! Enjoy!

New Movie

2010-11-07 02:30:32 by GamingStuff

Hi guys!

Right now i'm making a movie! its called Iceyven! (Icey-Ven) It about winter where mean animals pick on smaller, weaker animals (like Biety) and then this strange Creature lost his way from home, fights the mean creatures! To leave the forest with the nice animals!

I need some creature ideas so If you can draw some and name them, Make sure you put if they are a mean or nice creature!